stickles (stickles) wrote in makeup_swatch,

Coastal Scents mica samples x a LOT

soooo, I went and ordered a brick-tonne of mica samples, fillers, pans, and EZ Prez to make me some pressed shadows. Wish me luck!

In baggies like cocaine:

Left row: Summit Turquoise, Inter Blue Sparks, Crystal Ice, Ultra Silk, Goldstone, Metallic Olivia, Paradise Tropic Bronze, Paradise Shimmer Tan
Middle row: Winterveld, Aruban Coral, Paradise Sand, Metallic Pearl Honey Tan, Oriental Beige, Sunset Pearl, Purple Punch glitter, Black Magic Hologram glitter, Ocean Blue glitter
Right row: Antique Red, Metallic Pixie Purple, Amethyst, Chameleon Violet, Blue-Red Chrome, Sapphire Metallic Pearl, Cellini Blue, Paradise Sea Green, Sage Blue

Now, for swatches!

The glitters were on UDPP otherwise they don't hold at all:

Tags: coastal scents, coastal scents mica
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